Cabin Comfort
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Cabin Comfort Accessories 40% Off

Laundry Line


  • Bucky Fleece Throw (Garden Blooms) – $20.00
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow (Black Stripe/Gray Stripe) – $23.00
  • Bucky Mini Compact Neck Pillow (Black) – $25.99
  • Bucky Convertible Microbead Neck Pillow (Black Stripe) – $20.00
  • Bucky Sleep Mask (Blue Jade Chevron/Granite Dot/Hibiscus Leaf/Navy) – $14.99
  • Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow (Blue/Glacier) – $59.99
  • Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillow (Houndstooth/Ocean/Red) – $29.99
  • Cocoon Eye Shades w/Ear Plugs (Black) – $21.95
  • Cocoon Lumbar Pillow (Blue/Green) – $31.95
  • Cocoon Microfiber Terry Towel S (Dolphin Grey) – $10.95
  • Cocoon Microfiber Terry Towel M (Dolphin Grey) – $21.95
  • Cocoon Microfiber Terry Towel L (Dolphin Blue) – $28.95
  • Cocoon Microfiber Terry Towel XL (Dolphin Blue) – $39.95
  • Cocoon Microfiber Towel L (Fjord Blue) – $25.95
  • Cocoon Microfiber Towel XL (Fjord Blue/Manatee Grey) – $32.95
  • Cocoon Neck Pillow (Green) – $31.95
  • Cocoon Travel Pillow (Blue/Green) – $31.95
  • GoTravel Aero Snoozer Inflatable Air Pillow- $14.95
  • GoTravel Back Support Cushion Inflatable – $14.95
  • GoTravel Eye Mask – $10.95
  • GoTravel Foot Rest Inflate for Comfort (Gray) – $18.95
  • GoTravel Sleeping Mask – $8.95
  • GoTravel Super Snoozer Inflate to Fit Neck Pillow- $12.95
  • GoTravel Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow (Purple) – $19.95
  • GoTravel The Perfect Soft Seat Cushion (Black/Gray) – $19.95
  • GoTravel Travel Blanket (Black) – $12.95
  • Smooth Trip Memory Foam Pillow Head Rest (Gray) – $19.99
  • Travelon Self-Inflating Seat Cushion (Black) – $45.00
  • Travelrest All-in-One Ultimate Travel Pillow  (Gray/Royal Blue)- $44.95
  • Walter+Ray Memory Foam Arm Pillow (Lavender/Sky Blue/White Cheetah) – $14.95


Toiletry Kit

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

We have all of your toiletry needs like GoToobs (sold in sets or individually, from sizes 1.25oz – 3oz).

“GoToob is made from soft yet rugged silicone, so it’s easy to squeeze out all of the contents. A large opening makes it easy to fill and clean, and an ID-window on the collar helps you remember what’s inside. Airplane carry-on approved, food-safe (FDA), and 100% BPA and PC-free.”

While you cannot forget your hair heat tools, at Traveler’s Depot we have travel hairdryers, curlers and straighteners which are all dual voltage! While we also have straighteners and curling irons that run on butane (butane cartridges can only be stored in checked luggage.)

Traveler’s Depot has a wide array of neck pillows. Whether you’re looking for inflatable or one made of memory foam. There are also lumbar pillows, inflatable foot rests and more!

We also carry laundry lines, toiletry bags, travel laundry soap, sink plugs, earplugs, compression socks, pill organizers and more.


Come on down to Travel Depot to see our wide variety of comfort supplies.