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Slide electrical


At Traveler’s Depot we know how confusing it can be to understand which adapter or converter you will need on your journey, but fret not! We are here to help! There are 5 basic plugs overall that are used in a variety of countries!

The US plug (Type A plug) will work for North America, some parts of South America, Japan and some Southeast Asian countries.

The European plug (Type B plug) will fit every nation in the continent of Europe, most of the Middle East, some of South America, and some parts of Asia, including most of South-East Asia. This is by far the most popular adapter to have!

The Australian plug (Type C plug) will work for Australia, New Zealand, and China

The UK plug (Type D plug) will work for the United Kingdom including, Ireland, Norther Ireland, England, Scotland, and many parts of Africa.

The last and more difficult plug to find is the Indian/Southern Africa Plug it’s usually not carried in multiple adapter sets though we have them at Traveler’s Depot! This adapter is mostly used in India and Southern Africa.

Please feel free to call us or stop by our store to talk to one of our crew members with any questions about how to use your electronics abroad!