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Slide Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of adapter do i need?

Electrical outlets differ from country to country and you will need an adapter for the specific country you are going to.  For more information click here.

What is the right size for a carry-on luggage?

Size allowances differ from airline to airline.  Always check the airline you travel with.  If you travel with more than one airline, go with the airline allowing the smallest measurements.

How much fluid may I bring in my carry-on luggage?

You may bring as many 3.4oz bottles as you can fit in one 1/4 ziplock bag.

What's the benefit of using packing cubes?

You can conveniently organize your travel bag, compress your items and thereby save space as well.

Should I bring travel books and maps even though I have my cell phone?

To plan your day and be able to navigate new territories with no internet connection, we highly recommend you bring books and maps.

Should I lock my luggage?

It is highly recommended that you lock your luggage with a TSA-approved lock when you travel.

How can I provide myself with more comfort on board the plane?

You can bring a blanket, a sleeping mask, a pillow, wear compression socks and earplugs.  Bring snacks!

What are your store hours?

Monday – Saturday 10-6

What is your return policy?

10 days money back.

30 days store credit or exchange.

Valid with receipt, original tags, original packing and in resalable condition.  No returns for underwear, electrical items, sale items, unsealed spray cans, pump sprays, lotions, books and maps.