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Slide security


At Traveler’s Depot we have everything to help you secure your belongings, identification and money so you can feel more relaxed as you travel!

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification

The most up-to-date and modern Credit Cards and Passports are now equipped with RFID chips which allow for automatically identifying, making it easier to make and complete transactions for customers and merchants. Unfortunately, there has been an increase of scammers getting RFID readers and picking up people’s Credit Card information.

At Traveler’s Depot many of our security items whether they be Anti-Theft handbags, wallets, or money belts have now been equipped with RFID protecting features.

We have money belts and money wallets to help keep your documents, identification and money concealed, safe and on your body. Many are RFID blocking and can either hang from your neck or be clipped around your waist, all depending on what you’re most comfortable with!

Another way to keep all of you valuables safe would be to get an Anti-theft purse or backpack. PacSafe and Travelon are two great companies that make Anti-Theft bags that we carry at Traveler’s Depot. All of the bags come are made slash-proof (flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire), including the handles, RFID pockets and lockable zippers.

There are also locks, cables and a portable safe from PacSafe to help keep your belongings safe. Most of our luggage locks are TSA approved, meaning TSA Agents at American airports can easily gain access to unlock your luggage should they need to examine its contents.

Along with locks we also have cable locks which can hold together different pieces of luggage. They can also be used in hostels to keep your pack near you and your bed at all times. Should you need any help discussing what you need any of our helpful staff members can assist you in your security needs!