Travel Accessories
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travel accessories

Travel Accessories

Accessories make not just trips easier, but everyday life. At Traveler’s Depot we carry a wide amount of useful accessories.


Dual Voltage electrical products like hairdryers, straighteners, and curling sets are very useful and practical to have in everyday use and for travel. Dual Voltage products can change their voltage, allowing you to use your products with only an adapter (price range $4-$10), without having having to buy a costly converter (price range around $35). Though if your electrical devices are not dual voltage you will need a converter to use your products abroad. Please visit our Electrical page for more details

Rain Gear
At Traveler’s Depot we carry many different types of rain covers from ponchos to waterproof jackets and umbrellas too!

Luggage Accessories
We have luggage tags to help you identify your luggage and a place to put your information in case your luggage is lost. Luggage scales so you no longer have to worry about over weight fees at the airport. We also have luggage straps, TSA approved locks and more!

Outdoor Accessories
Hydroflasks double insulated water containers that keep your beverages cold for 24 hours or a warm drink for 12 hours. We carry these amazing flasks in a variety of sizes from 12 oz – 32oz in a variety of colors all in the Standard Wide Mouth size (no narrow mouth sizes available).