Travel Clothing
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travel clothing

Travel Clothing

Accessories make not just trips easier, but everyday life. At Traveler’s Depot we carry a wide amount of useful accessories.

From functional to fashionable, we have a variety of clothing options to fulfill every traveler’s needs.

ExOfficio – One of the best clothing brands out there for the adventure and urban traveler. They have a range of “technologies” that they incorporate into their clothing. They are best known for their Quick Drying, Odor and Wrinkle Resistant clothing. They also have many articles of clothing that have UPF protection, along with wicking capabilities and even Insect Repellent clothing!

**We have a wide range of their products for men and women from underwear and socks to clothing like pants and shirts we also carry some of their accessories like their bandanas and wraps.**


Royal Robbins – One of the pioneers of American rock-climbing in Yosemite, Robbins championed “clean climbing”, Royal Robbins is also at the top of the list of outdoor apparel. They create clothing that is Anti-Microbial (for odor control), Quick Drying and Wrinkle Resistant, they also use a variety of technologies that are socially conscious and environmentally responsible. Like their MerinoLux which combines high performance fibers that are durable with Merino wool.


Rock Paper Flower –  At Traveler’s Depot we have many of their fun scarves, which are perfect for transforming an outfit abroad along with many of their beautiful tunics. All of their items are lightweight and comfortable making them perfect for travel!

Travel Sandals

Teva – Created in the 1980’s these adventure sandals were first created to solve the problem of the runaway floating sandal when in the water! Tried, tested and true, Teva sandals have great protection and support with their ShocPad technology. Many Teva’s also contain the Microban, a zinc-based anti-microbial treatment to help with odor control, like our favorite style the Tirra. Teva’s are the go to adventure sandal.


Keen – Great adventure sandals like the “Rose Sandal” are perfect whether you are trekking or doing large amounts of walking through city streets these sandals are adventure-ready! The sole has a multi-direction lug pattern which allows for better control and stability for any terrain. Made specifically for women, these sandals are washable and provide comfort when your feet need it most!

Travel Hats

Tilley – Pride themselves with what they call the World’s Best Hat. Tilley Hats are oh-so-great because they block at least 98% of the sun’s harmful rays and come insured! Tilley hats are guaranteed for life not to wear out and will be replaced for FREE through the company!


Wallaroo – Fashionable and trendy hats that give women great sun protection. Many of the Wallaroo hats we carry are also packable, with packing instructions on each of the tags. These packable hats will still look great and maintain their shapes after having been rolled or folded into your suitcase. No need for those large dreaded hatboxes!


Sunday Afternoon – Our adventure hat specialists! They are the go-to in new “tech features” and have great sun protection for the whole family where ever your path my lead you! Many of the hats we carry at Traveler’s Depot have their new tech features like the Convertible Ventilation flaps, which allow more air flow on hot days. While many of our uni-sex baseball hats also come with the Clamshell Brims feature, which allows you to stick your baseball hats in your back pocket or bag for easy storage. Plus their new Sunglasses Lock technology, integrated sleeves that make sure your sunglasses stay in place when you’re not using them!