Travel Essentials
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travel essentials

Travel Essentials

When traveling there are a few things that are absolutely necessary to take with you. Luckily at Traveler’s Depot we can supply your next adventure!

Guidebooks & Maps
At Traveler’s Depot we pride ourselves on having a large and updated library of books and maps, in the case we do not have a certain book our team members are always willing to order them for you from our publisher if possible!

Travel Comfort
Traveling is rarely comfortable, we have many options for your travel comfort needs ranging in everything from many different forms of neck pillows, lumbar pillow, ear plugs, and compression socks.

Security Items
Keeping your money, passport and valuables safe while traveling is of the upmost importance. We sell a variety of things that can help you keep your stuff safe. We carry money belts and neck wallets, many with the new RFID features. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips have been added to new credit cards and passports, allowing our information to be read by scanners, RFID products come with special linings inside the products to protect your information from being scanned. We also carry handbags from PacSafe and Travelon which come with security features like slash proof bags/handles, RFID pockets and zippers that can be secured (making them harder to open without your notice). We also carry portable safes, luggage tags and locks for your luggage.

Insect Repellent
No one wants to worry about mosquitos, ticks, chiggers or any other pesky biting nuisances. At Traveler’s Depot we carry many different kinds of insect repellent, some made with Deet other with Permethrin/Picardin, a synthetic compound that is less harmful but shown to have the same effect as Deet. We carry products mostly from Sawyer, AMK Ben’s, Repel 100 and Ultrathon. Please call us if you have any questions or are looking for a specific product!

There are many necessities you may need on your trip, come on down to Traveler’s Depot or call us!