Travel Smarter with Eagle Creek Packing Solutions

Travel Smarter with Eagle Creek Packing Solutions

Discover Eagle Creek Pack-It™ & Pack-It Specter™ Packing Solutions.

We carry Eagle Creek’s collection of premium quality Pack-It™ & Pack-It Specter™ packing solutions that are highly recommended by frequent travelers and packing specialists. Let us show you hands-on how to solve challenging packing situations with these lightweight, space saving packing cubes, packing tubes, packing folders, toiletry kits, spill-proof pouch sacs, roll-up compression bags, fold-up garment bags and padded electronic device organizers. Get them as individual items or save even more by choosing multi-item Pack-It™ & Pack-It Specter™ Sets.

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Using Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ System helps travelers compress their load and maximize packing space. Getting hooked on being organized in your travel bag and minimizing wrinkles is a sure thing.

Original Pack-It™

540x370_packit-original1The Original Pack-It™ collection items are the original lightweight, structured organized packing solution. Garment Folders, Garment Covers, Packing Cubes, Spill-Proof Pouch Sacs, Roll-up Compression Bags, Shoe Bags, Toiletry Organizers and Padded Device and Gadget Organizers are all available in Original Pack-It™. Regular prices range from $8.50 to $44.00 and they’re available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Most items are available in solid colors; Black, Blue Sea, Earth Green and Red Fire.

Pack-It Specter™

540x370_packit-specterThe Pack-It Specter™ collection items are a newer ultra-light translucent packing solution. Garment Folders, Packing Cubes, Spill-Proof Pouch Sacs, Shoe Bags, Toiletry Organizers and Padded Protection Cases for electronic devices and gadgets are all available in Pack-It Specter™. Regular prices for these range from $13 to $56 and are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. There are great vibrant colors to choose from – Strobe Green, Tangerine, White with Strobe Green trim and White with Tangerine trim.


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